Lighting up moments & memories

At Pawsitive Collections, our candles are inspired by the moments we share and the memories we create with our furry loved ones. From the first day they stole our hearts, to the first or tenth holiday spent with them, celebrations and epic adventures together, these are the moments that matter most.

Secret Garden

Inspired by the secret gardens we discover while exploring with our pups.

Travel Candles

Perfect for the jet setter. We’ve poured our soy candles into a chic gold travel tin so you can bring feelings of comfort, joy, and sweet nostalgia where ever you go.

Crystal Infused Candle Collection

Did you know that our furry best friends are extremely in-tuned with the way we feel? Our energy and the choices we make everyday affect our pets. 

Light up our crystal infused candles to help balance your energy and to promote a positive space in your pet-friendly home.

Pet Memorial

Rainbow Bridge

Losing your furry best friend is like losing a family member. Light up this candle whenever you feel sad or want your beloved furry companion to know you are thinking of them. Seeing the light from the heavens above, your furry best friend reminds you:“Be strong. We will see each other again. I promise.”

Every order supports non-profit animal

Every one of them deserves a forever home. With every order,
we donate a portion to non-profit animal rescues across America
for dogs and cats in need.